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From Our Members

"An amazing revolution has been taking place in our ability to communicate with our loved ones since the days of snail mail and analog telephones and it's called FamilyeJournal. At my age, keeping up with it has been a struggle though I have embraced it wholeheartedly to the fullness of my ability as I find it increasingly necessary and literally unbelievable!

Our immediate family unit is and has been dispersed throughout several continents throughout the years but our communications have been gradually improving. I have to say that this latest tool [FamilyeJournal] has taken us a quantum leap forward in our family communications in quantity and more importantly in quality. With the structure and type of questions, I can now share with my children and grandchildren life moments that can help define their mother-grandmother in their minds thus bringing about greater generational understanding, better communication and most importantly increased bonding. Many thanks to my daughter who introduced this platform to me. I took it on skeptically (as I took on Facebook and Skype - presented to me by my granddaughters years ago) and I have to say I am very pleased indeed. I recommend it to all grandmothers and grandfathers, FamilyeJournal is "awesome"!"

Teena, Grandmother, Age 76
Limassol, Cyprus

"I think FamilyeJournal.com is a wonderful educational program. It makes all of us answer questions that we usually do not ask each other and it allows us to read different viewpoints from different ages according to where we live and work. It bonds us and helps us to know one another better.

I also like the rule that we can’t read a family member's eJournal until we answer the questions ourselves!"

Mary Lou, Grandmother, Age 73
Henderson, KY

"I want to drop some words about FamilyeJournal. At first I was very skeptical and negative about it. Why to take the time for something like that; me and all the other participants? Who's interested in what I am thinking? But now it has become a nearly daily habit to read and write. It has become a time of reflecting and listening during the daily hustle. And all this comes from my all my beloved ones who live far, too far, away. I can see what drives their daily life, what they love and hate, what they dream of and what they accomplish. It's interesting too because everyone reports out of his own nutshell. The reflective nature is stunning and most interesting, entertaining, revealing and thought giving.

Now, I like FamilyeJournal and want all my beloved ones to take the time they "think" they don't have and communicate with their family in this way."

Gerhard, Father, Age 63
Annapolis, MD

"The Family eJournal is an exceptional service, it has greatly helped to keep me and my family in contact. We are scattered across the globe and I have found it increasingly difficult to keep in contact with each individual member. It's the perfect solution for when you don't know what to write in an email or in a Facebook message or what to say on Skype with its simple question & answer structure. The forum is easy to access, the regularity of it is optional and you can always catch up if you've fallen behind. It is perfect for people that don't always know where to start with conversation and has an even mix of in-depth personal and light, easy-to-answer questions. I always look forward to the next round as it's interesting to see what everyone writes in response and you also surprise yourself sometimes with the answer you give. Overall, a lovely experience for any large or small family that finds it hard to make the time to keep in constant and personal contact."

Noah, Son, Brother, Age 20
Berlin, Germany & Annapolis, MD

"Thank you FamilyeJournal! I've been using your site with my parents, spouse and out-of-town sister for 8 weeks and within the first week there was a noticeable difference in our connectedness. In addition, and to my surprise, I also have become much more empathetic to my family and to people, in general. I really enjoy reading my family members' responses and their funny stories and it's allowed me to think beyond myself and much more about others. We'll definitely continue to use the service and recommend it to others."

Lee, Father, Brother, Age 37
Annapolis, MD

"FamilyeJournal helps create a legacy because it asks you questions about your life, your likes, dislikes, etc. Upon answering you're left with a written account, by your family, that you can keep forever. Each family member is answering the same questions so you're also sharing information about yourself. You get to know things you never knew or if you knew it is just a reminder so you never forget. FEJ also asks questions you probably had no idea what the answers are.

Most people end up wishing they had asked these questions and with FamilyeJournal you have a written legacy and you'll know your family better. It is really cool and meanwhile your family is getting to know each other so much better and if you haven't been talking it brings you up to speed. Especially if you haven't been talking. It is a really great way to start talking again. Just leave all the bad behind and be open to starting over."

Jean, Daughter, Age 45
Rockville, MD

"This website is great! You get to interact with your family and learn more about them. I suggest that everyone should use this and you will be surprised how much it changes your life."

Aaron, Age 12
Ellicott City, MD

"When we use the site, the difference is amazing... more respect is shown and we understand each other at a deeper level. My children have stated they find it easier to write their thoughts down than to vocalize them - that is why they like the FamilyeJournal."

Leslie, Mother
Rota, Spain

"We have been working on this with our family: Dad 41, Mom 34, Daughter 10, Son 7.5 for a few weeks. While we don't have major communication issues and regularly interect well and also about the types of things this journal provides, it is different sitting down and actually putting thoughts into writing. And, reading what others have written is different, as well. We all approach this trying to be the "best" person we can be and it helps quite a bit with making us all feel like we are on the same page and like we all do really love each other the most in the world.

Just wanted to say thank you and we plan to continue this into the "difficult" teenage years as it is just pleasant to do these and to read them. You gain amazing insight into one another and your children remind you without "trying" what wonderful people they are. I laugh and cry when reading our "eJournals" and really look deep within when formulating answers. It is the one time each day (or sometimes every other...) when I can take that kind of time to reflect on my own thoughts and feelings and how they matter to my family and to really have my family's thoughts and feelings matter to me.

I will be recommending this site to all my friends and family and even to our physicians to use as a referral. This is such a terrific tool and has really made a BIG difference to our family!"

Kate, Mother
Wrentham, MA

"I believe it is a good tool for families. One reason is works is that it is not direct communications. The questions provide a third party element and it seems "safe" to all. I think it will be like a sport and practice will improve the effectiveness."

Steve, Father
Brentwood, CA

"I think it is an easy, non-confrontational method to not only share your own thoughts and feelings but to learn quite a bit about your family. In opening these doors, it is a great, new age way to communicate and understand those closest to you."

Pam, Daughter/Sister
London, England

"I have learned to enjoy the eJournal more each day. I actually look forward to sitting down and having a quiet time where I can reflect on the day's activities and where I am at the moment. I enjoy collecting my thoughts and thinking about my wife, children and grandchildren. It teaches you not to take life for granted and helps you to improve your relationships by expressing yourself and learning more about your family members from their participation. I would highly recommend FamilyeJournal to all who would like to learn more about themselves and their family."

Jordan, Father
Rockville, MD

From Our Partners

"Alpha Omega Epsilon is proud to be an official FamilyeJournal partner. The bonds of sisterhood are strong and can make a significant difference in a member’s successful pursuit of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degree, but family support is also a key factor in the success of a member. This is why our International Executive Board chose to incorporate FamilyeJournal into our new member program in addition to encouraging all sisters to take advantage of the resource.

FamilyeJournal has been a great success helping sisters at nearly 40 universities stay connected with their family members all over the world. The monthly reports provided with the partnership are a great way to track individual chapter progress which we can also compare with how that chapter is functioning within the sorority. I can’t think of another wellness program that has been so easy to implement, fun to use and accessible by so many people around the globe. Alpha Omega Epsilon is so appreciative of the service that FamilyeJournal is providing to our members!"

Catherine Ross, President
Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority

TWU's Positive Psychology Class included FamilyeJournal in its syllabus. The students reported an 83% positive outcome, 14% neutral and 1 negative experience. Open the pdf with all 36 comments.

Positive Pyschology Students
Texas Woman's University

"As a psychology professor at Texas Woman’s University, I chose to incorporate FamilyeJournal (FEJ) into my Positive Psychology syllabus as a program to help explore the factors that contribute to the enhancement of overall mental health and well-being. The FEJ program was a complete success with outstanding participation by students (n=61) and additional members (n=159) from their social network.

Students were required to use FEJ at least once per week and data showed 30% of the users completed more eJournals than required. The average time per visit was 7m 12s, suggesting that users were actively engaged during their website visit. Upon a written evaluation, 83% of the students reported a positive experience stating FEJ helped their family connection.

As a professional with prior mental health counseling experience, I understand the importance and value of communication and connection and FamilyeJournal has developed a way facilitate healthy connections with significant others. To that end, we intend to expand the program in the coming semester to recruit all students enrolled in general psychology classes at TWU, and plan to evaluate its effectiveness on specific outcomes. In conclusion, I highly recommend the use of FamilyeJournal for large groups, such as schools and other organizations, as it appears to contribute to overall mental health wellness which may elicit overall well-being."

Trey Asbury, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Dept. of Pyschology & Philosophy
Texas Woman's University

"My daughter and I have enjoyed writing back and forth with each other in a journal for years and now the familyejournal has made this same experience easy and available to everyone! It is a terrific way to keep up in the course of busy lives and the written word can't be beat for discussing sensitive and emotionally laden topics. I recommend FEJ to any and every family!"

Ellen F. Pill, Ph.D., Contributing Editor
Discovery Girls Magazine

From Professionals

"I highly recommend Family eJournal, especially for use in educational programs! I recently used the Family eJournal program in a college course. Family eJournal was incorporated into the curriculum for students to learn more about the benefits of family communication. Many of my students chose to log in and complete family journal entries more often than required for class credit. The feedback about the program by students was positive. Based on feedback from my students, I will continue to use the program in future courses that I teach!

As a social science researcher, I recognize the significant amount of research literature that demonstrates the benefits of family communication for families, especially youth. Having previous experience as a licensed teacher in grade school, I have first-hand understanding of the benefits of healthy family communication on child outcomes, including increased well-being and positive academic outcomes. The fact that Family eJournal uses an electronic medium is both innovative and engaging for younger family members, who typically spend a significant amount of time online and have multiple tools for doing so (e.g., laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.). I believe that Family eJournal is a great tool for increasing family communication!"

Traci Weinstein, Ph.D. Instructor
University of Illinois at Chicago

"I really like the FamilyeJournal concept and your website. As an elementary school counselor I recommend journaling and letter writing on a daily basis, not only to help my students express their feelings but also to discuss social, academic and family issues. By using familyejournal.com, students and their parents will be able to better organize their thoughts and communicate in a more effective manner. I think the eJournal will be especially valuable during the adolescent years when kids and parents tend to drift apart from one another. This is a website that I will definitely recommend."

Diane Stephenson-Moe, M.Ed., Elementary School Counselor
Howard County Public Schools, Howard County Maryland

"The FamilyeJournal may help open communication among family members at a time when that is sometimes difficult. This tool has the potential to begin a dialog between parents and teens. Parents can then build on that dialog with other tools to strengthen families."

Dr. Wendy Kliewer, Associate Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University

"The FamilyeJournal is a great tool for getting your children to answer questions with more than a ‘yea’ and ‘no’. Sometimes even the most connected families can use some help in communicating." Listen to the interview.

Maria Bailey, Host - Mom Talk Radio
1st Nationally Syndicated Radio Show for Moms

"Recently I interviewed a brilliant, enterprising and creative guy who's helping families improve communication and help combat bullying. Kevin Strauss, founder of familyejournal.com, is definitely onto something. Through his online journal, families can communicate with each other in a unique way. And, organizations can join the Partner's Program, a fee-based service that lets your organization or school offer this amazing program to your clients." Listen to the interview.

Barbara Dab, Host - Zone About Town
WGFX 104.5 The Zone, Nashville, Tennessee