Corporate Wellness Program


Seniors are a precious group of people with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, when we age we begin to lose friends and too often become more isolated and alone but it doesn't have to be that way. If we can continue to engage and share with each other then we can continue to connect and enjoy meaninful and fulfilling relationships. Seniors today grew up during times of war and were raised writing letters to friends, family members and loved ones. Let's bring back the age of the written-word and re-engage with our seniors in a way their accustomed but using today's technology.

Using FamilyeJournal a few times a week can bring joy, love and connection back to seniors. Imagine an activity that spans multiple generations and is easy for grandparents and their grandchildren to use no matter what time zone or country they live. Or, create a group of senior eJournalers and share your perspectives and stories amongst your peers. There's no limit to the kinds of groups you can create and the kind of connection you can feel. It's time to improve social connection and reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation.


  1. Promotes sharing and social connection among peers and/or family.
  2. Supports emotional health by nurturing authentic connection and relationships with others.
  3. Social connectedness has been shown to improve overall health and happiness.
  4. Reduce the feelings of loneliness and social isolation.
  5. Is a multi-generational activity.
  6. Is available in more than 100 languages, worldwide.
  7. Is easy to use and requires no training to get started immediately.
  8. Complements any existing wellness programs.