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Students Against Destructive Decisions

A FamilyeJournal Wellness Program can improve communication and strengthen relationships which studies show leads to improved behavior like reductions in suicide, bullying, alcohol and drug use as well as improvements in grades and retention.

Elementary, Middle and High Schools only
Student Wellness Program - $360/year, for your entire school
Add staff wellness for only $120/year more!
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Contact us today to setup your FamilyeJournal Wellness Program by tomorrow. Help your students, staff and faculty, and their families, reach their potential. Monthly quantitative data reports included.

Elementary SchoolsSchool wellness program helps elementary school students be successful.
Help your 3rd, 4th and 5th graders get off to a good start by getting families involved and developing communication skills in childhood.
Middle SchoolsOffer your middle school students a wellness program that addresses mental and emotional health.
Help your middle schoolers get the family support they need as social pressures increase and they start making their own decisions.
High SchoolsOffer your high school students a wellness program that addresses mental and emotional health.
Give your high schoolers the parental involvement the research says they crave in a medium they can't get enough of.
Colleges & Univ.Help your college students stay connected to their family and thereby make better decisions.
Research shows that college students with strong family bonds make better decisions and may have improved grades and retention.
Setting up a FamilyeJournal Wellness Program is surprisingly easy. Let's set one up today! »