Religious Organization Wellness Program


One of the greatest attributes of a religious institution is that it promotes family values. Your community looks to you for guidance on how to live a better life and it is your pleasure to help them identify tools and resources to reach their goals.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to help so many people especially if your interaction is only a few times per month. However, a resource life can be used on a daily basis and is directly in-line with your institutions mission.

While FamilyeJournal has no religious affiliation or any other agenda, it is 100% focused on helping families improve their communication and connection. Any religious institution knows the value of a strong family and showing your support could have a subsequent benefit in your congregation's success. Get started with FEJ today and see what a difference it can make.


  • To encourage the promotion of family values.
  • To provide an activity for wellness that is consistent with religous institutions.
  • To provide quantifiable data that shows effectiveness and ROI.


  1. An activity that is consistent with and promotes family values.
  2. Simple, fun and effective for all types of families and ages.
  3. Easy to implement on a large scale with no training required.
  4. Provides a marketing theme and initiative that may help increase membership.
  5. A cost effective solution that can be quantitatively monitored for effectiveness and ROI.


FamilyeJournal is a fully automated, internet-based utility. Getting up and running is as easy as:

  1. Setup - Request a Partner Code with possible Sub-Groups of your choosing.
  2. Announce - Inform your congregation there is a FREE, online program you are sponsoring for which they can use to strengthen family relationships.
  3. Initiate - Encourage registration by household leaders (i.e. the Family Leader) and begin using. Remember that a family needs only two people but it can also be multi-generational with many members!
  4. Evaluate - Your religoius institution will receive quantitative monthly reports. Then, compare this data with feedback from your congregation, trends and outcomes over time.