Psychologist use FEJ as part of their practice to help their patients.


Psychologists need as many tools as possible to help their patients. What works for one person or family may not work for another. Furthermore, it might be helpful to have activities patients can and will use on their own between counseling sessions. FamilyeJournal is a tool that can be used with a variety of patients and their families. It can be a valuable resource in the on-going care that a psychologist provides.

FamilyeJournal helps to address the Need for Connection theorized by Psychologist Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation and more commonly referred to as the Hierarchy of Needs. Studies show when people feel a "real" connection to others their behaviors improve and this is especially apparent in children and teenagers.

Use FamilyeJournal as an adjunct to your practice and monitor your patients and their family with online data reporting. If you're interested in using FEJ as part of your clinical treatment where you would have access to what your patients are writing that can also be arranged. Contact us today to begin using the eJournal as part of your practice.


  • To provide a complementary tool for psychologists to use in their practice.
  • To provide an activity patients can use between counseling sessions.
  • To provide a unique intervention that may help improve outcomes.


  1. A mental and emotional health tool psychologists can use in their practice.
  2. A simple and fun activty patients and their family can use alongside therapy.
  3. An inexpensive resource for psychologists that offers quantitative data.
  4. A "homework" assignment with a strong chance of being used when accessed on smartphones and tablets.


FamilyeJournal is a fully automated, internet-based utility. Getting up and running is as easy as:

  1. Setup - Request a Partner Code with Sub-Groups, if desired.
  2. Announce - Tell your patients you're providing a free, online family program as an adjunct to their treatment.
  3. Initiate - Encourage your patients to register and add family members.
  4. Evaluate - Considering discussing their experiences during sessions and compare FEJ reports with outcomes.
Help your patients fulfill their Need for Connection. Add a complementary program today. »