Imagine sharing, learning and connecting a little each day with the most important people in your life.
That's what eJournaling is all about.
Sarah and Megan's eJournal Story
Watch how FamilyeJournal and writing about everyday happenings helped Sarah better understand her teenage daughter's need for independence and helped Megan feel more understood by her busy mom.
1. Join
Register now. In just a few minutes you can register your family and be on your way to getting closer.
2. Invite
As the Family Leader, you will add family members using just their first name and email address. They'll receive an email telling them they were invited by you.
3. Write
Start eJournaling! Login and answer sets of 4 simple & fun questions. That's all there is to it!
4. Read
Read the eJournals your family members' create. Now, you'll know what's happening in their world.
What is an eJournal?
A set of just 4 questions, from our database, that you can answer anytime, anywhere.
Sarah's eJournal #1
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Megan's eJournal #1
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How does eJournaling help families?
We'll help you get just below the surface of typical conversation and social media.

Helps parents really hear and understand their kids.

Helps kids stay connected to their parents and grandparents.

Helps adults share and relate to one another on a deeper level.

Why it works.
It sounds counter-intuitive but the simple fact is writing can be far more powerful than talking.
  • Writing - Allows a person time to think, consider, ponder and review.
  • Guided - It's hard to know where to begin so we ask the questions for you.
  • Effective - Focus just a little deeper than typical, everyday conversation.
  • Fast - In less than 5 minutes you can create and read several eJournals.
  • Convenient - Accessible 24/7/365 anywhere in the world via the internet.
  • Inexpensive - Just $229 per family. Discount group rates are available.
  • Private - Only YOUR family can read YOUR eJournals. Period.
Rates that won't break the bank.
Join as a single family or enjoy massive group discounts.
Individual Family/Group
  • Begin eJournaling in minutes.
  • Add up to 12 members.
  • No monthly payments. No auto-renewal fees.
  • Great for all types of families such as: nuclear, single-parent, couples without kids, blended and step-families, same-sex couple families, foster, families with adult children and the list goes on...
Group Rates Available
  • Enjoy massive group rate savings.
  • Includes monthly reporting.
  • Based on # of members.
  • Improve the wellness at any organization including: corporations, schools, universities, teams, clubs, religious organizations, military, hospitals, towns/cities and their community and so on...
Don't take it from us.
Listen to our members worldwide.
"I have to say that this latest tool [FamilyeJournal] has taken us a quantum leap forward in our family communications in quantity and more importantly in quality."

Teena, Grandmother - Age 76
Limassol, Cyprus

"Thank you FamilyeJournal! I've been using your site with my parents, spouse and out-of-town sister for 8 weeks and within the first week there was a noticeable difference in our connectedness. In addition, and to my surprise, I also have become much more empathetic to my family and to people, in general."

Lee, Father/Brother - Age 37
Annapolis, MD

"This website is great! You get to interact with your family and learn more about them. I suggest that everyone should use this and you will be surprised how much it changes your life."

Aaron, Son - Age 12
Ellicott City, MD

"I think is a wonderful educational program. It bonds us and helps us to know one another better."

Mary Lou, Grandmother - Age 73
Henderson, KY

"We have been working on this with our family: Dad 41, Mom 34, Daughter 10, Son 7.5 for a few weeks. While we don't have major communication issues and regularly interect well and also about the types of things this journal provides, it is different sitting down and actually putting thoughts into writing. And, reading what others have written is different, as well. We all approach this trying to be the "best" person we can be and it helps quite a bit with making us all feel like we are on the same page and like we all do really love each other the most in the world."

Kate, Mother - Age 34
Wrentham, MA

"The Family eJournal is an exceptional service, it has greatly helped to keep me and my family in contact. We are scattered across the globe and I have found it increasingly difficult to keep in contact with each individual member. It's the perfect solution for when you don't know what to write in an email or in a Facebook message or what to say on Skype with its simple question & answer structure."

Noah, Son/Brother - Age 20
Berlin, Germany

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