Town and City Wellness Program


The town or city we live in is an extension of our home and our community. We want to live in a safe and friendly environment and one of the best ways to acheive that is to build connection. It's not realisic to think you will "know" everyone in your community (or maybe it is) but what you can have is a deep connection with your family.

A strong family connection can have profoundly positive effects on people. Studies show that feeling "truly" connected to others can increase positive behaviors and reduce negative behaviors especially in teenagers. Imagine a happier more friendly community with less crime, teens getting into less trouble and citizens coming together. It's easier than you might think with a program like


  1. Provides a tangible activity your citizens can participate.
  2. Simple, fun and effective for all types of families and ages.
  3. Easy to implement on a large scale with no training required.
  4. May have significant effects on crime, adolescent behavior, general welfare.
  5. Provides a marketing theme and initiative the entire community can support.
  6. A cost effective solution that can be quantitatively monitored for effectiveness and ROI.