We rely on healthcare professionals to help us when we're sick and to take care of our loved ones. With each passing year we realize how important preventative care is and more and more healthcare providers are offering wellness programs from within their own practice and as an adjunct to their services. Please review/download our 1-page proposal to collaborate.

Most wellness programs focus on fitness and nutrition mainly because there are very few viable programs that address other areas of wellness such as mental, emotional, spiritual, occupational, etc. FamilyeJournal helps families nurture their relationships by improving communication and strengthening connection. In doing so, families improve their mental and emotional health.

Contact us today to add FamilyeJournal to your healthcare practice's wellness program.

PsychologistsPsychologists need mental and emotional health resources.
A non-threatening, family-oriented activity like FamilyeJournal could be a great program to complement any psychologist's treatment plan.
TherapistsUse FamilyeJournal as a tool in your practice.
Therapists often encourage family involvement to help support a client. FEJ is an excellent resource that is easily incorporated.
CounselorsUse FamilyeJournal as part of your counseling practice.
Counselors help their client on specific issues during sessions and an activity like FamilyeJournal can help between office visits.
Health PracticesAdd FamilyeJournal as parto of your practice's preventative care plan.
Healthcare practices need a full toolkit to help their clients reach optimal health. FEJ is a resource your patients can use to help nurture the family.
Healthcare professionals understand the value of preventative care. Add eJournaling today! »