Healthcare Practices use FEJ as part of their practice to help their patients.


As a healthcare practice your mission is to heal the sick. However, you also value the benefits of preventative care. Whether you have a wellness program or are considering starting one, an important component is promoting mental and emotional health.

FamilyeJournal helps bring families closer together which is a key factor in improving mental and emotional health. Studies show when families feel closeness and a sense of connection then behaviors improve especially in children. Help your patients and their families build stronger relationships by offering the FamilyeJournal Wellness Program through your healthcare practice.

Contact us today and bring a mental and emotional health component to your wellness program.


  • To provide a mental and emotional health wellness program.
  • To help families nurture their relationships.
  • To provide a wellness tool any healthcare practice can offer independently or as part of a bigger program.


  1. A simple and fun activity that helps improve communication and connection within a family.
  2. A complementary wellness tool that is consistent with any healthcare practice and preventative medicine goals.
  3. An inexpensive resource for any practice that also offers quantitative data.
  4. A program that parents and kids can share in together and when it's convenient for them and on the technology of their choice.


FamilyeJournal is a fully automated, internet-based utility. Getting up and running is as easy as:

  1. Setup - Request a Partner Code with Sub-Groups, if desired.
  2. Announce - Tell your patients you're providing a free, online family activity to help bring families closer together.
  3. Initiate - Encourage the family leader to register and add family members.
  4. Evaluate - Follow up with families during periodic visits as well as monitor your practice's case load over time.
Optimal health begins with preventative care and wellness. We're ready to add FEJ today! »