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Commercial Wellness Programs for EVERY Organization

Help your organization's members be more successful by partnering with FamilyeJournal (FEJ). Other wellness programs focus on fitness and nutrition, i.e. physical health. FEJ can help improve mental and emotional health by improving family communication and connection. Studies show that when a family feels truly connected their behaviors can improve in all areas of life.

As a FamilyeJournal Partner, you'll receive monthly reports detailing your members' use but never sharing private family information. You'll be able to track FEJ activity and compare it with your organization's data where you may see improvements in attendance, morale, productivity and success and possibly profound reductions in suicide rates, bullying, drug and alcohol use, eating disorders and other high risk behaviors.

Below are organizations where FamilyeJournal can help but the applications are limitless! Request Pricing
Schools (K–College)School wellness program helps students be successful.
Schools teach more than academics and the eJournal can help your students reach their potential. Isn't it time we helped parents get involved in their child's education?
Community WellnessOffer your members a wellness program that addresses mental and emotional health.
Family relationships are a foundation for success. Help your members improve their family communication and see the positive impact on their lives.
Healthcare ProfessionalsHelp your patients by adding an online family activity that helps improve communication and strengthen relationships.
Healthcare providers need a full toolkit to help their clients reach optimal health. FEJ is a resource your clients can use between office visits to help regularly engage their family.
Setting up a FamilyeJournal Wellness Program is surprisingly easy. Let's set one up today! »