Middle Schools

Middle School Mental and Emotional Health and Wellness Program

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Middle school is a time of transition and change for most students. It is also a time when students begin making bigger decisions on their own. Strong relationships with family can have a truly positive effect but also a balance is needed as a child begins expressing independence. That's where an activity like FamilyeJournal can really help.


  • Help students improve their mental and emotional health.
  • Help students transition into their teenage years and make better decisions.
  • Provide a middle school wellness program that complements existing physical health programs.


  1. Improve student and family well-being by building closer connections.
  2. Reduces bad behaviors like bullying, suicide, drugs, alcohol, etc.
  3. Completes the communication triangle: Student-School, School-Parent, Student-Parent.
  4. A school program that is simple, fun and does not require excessive resources.
  5. A program that can be evaluated quantitatively and compared to existing behavioral trends.


FamilyeJournal is a fully automated, internet-based utility. Getting up and running is as easy as:

  1. Setup - Request a Partner Code with Sub-Groups.
  2. Announce - Inform your students and their families about the program.
  3. Initiate - Family Leaders begin registering and adding Family Members.
  4. Evaluate - Review quantitative monthly reports and compare with your existing behavioral data.
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