Hospital Wellness Program


A hospital has a special responsibility to its community. In addition to taking care of us and our loved ones when we're sick, they also offer many programs to help us maintain our health. Does your Hospital's Wellness Program include a mental and emotional health component?

Having a strong family connection can significantly improve your mental and emotional health. Studies show that "real connection" helps to reduce high risk behaviors like suicide, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, bullying and many others.


  1. Complements existing wellness programs.
  2. Is easily accessible by the entire community via their smartphone, tablet and computer.
  3. Provides an on-going activity that can be started/stopped any time and indefinitely.
  4. May address one of the root causes for most high risk behaviors.
  5. Helps reinforce positive behaviors at the same time.
  6. May reduce hospital emergency room visits over time.
  7. Can be quantitatively monitored for effectiveness in the global community and pre-determined sub-groups.
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