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College Mental and Emotional Health and Wellness Program


Going to college is often a childs first experience at real independence whether they're living away from home for the first time or not. This is a time when good communication and closeness with a family are critical to their success. Studies show when college students feel a "real" connection with their family they make better decisions when it comes to alcohol and drugs and often deal better with the pressure, stress and anxiety of college. FamilyeJournal can help "bridge the gap" back home while still on campus.


  • Provide college students with a mental and emotional outlet.
  • Provide students with a "real" connection to their family back home.
  • Provide a college wellness program that complements existing initiatives.


  1. Provides students with a way to connect with their family.
  2. Smartphone and tablet compatible.
  3. May improve grades, graduation rates and retention
  4. Reduces bad behaviors like bullying, suicide, drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, etc.
  5. A program that is simple, fun and does not require excessive resources.
  6. A program that can be evaluated quantitatively and compared to existing behavioral trends.
  7. Available for staff and faculty with separate reporting.


FamilyeJournal is a fully automated, internet-based utility. Getting up and running is as easy as:

  1. Setup - Request a Partner Code with Sub-Groups.
  2. Announce - Inform your students and their families about the program.
  3. Initiate - Family Leaders begin registering and adding Family Members.
  4. Evaluate - Review quantitative monthly reports and compare with your existing behavioral data.
College students still need a connection back home. Get your school's Partner Code today! »