What is eJournaling?

Guided mini-journals that you create and share privately online with your family.

A series of guided mini-journals that family members, or other small groups, write and share privately online. It takes about 5 minutes to answer 4 simple and fun questions, per eJournal, from our database. After you complete each eJournal, you can read your family members' responses. Write as many eJournals as you want, anytime and on any device. Many of our members use FEJ first thing in the morning or before going to bed. View a sample eJournal.

How does eJournaling improve communication & connection?

A simple and fun Q&A format that gets the conversation started.

Shared eJournaling helps people interact in a unique way that increases the bond they feel with each other. By sharing answers to "everyday" questions, you'll learn a little more about yourself and what's going on in the world of those people closest to you. When you know someone a little better and they know you, your feelings of familiarity will increase and that will translates into an increased feeling of connection. Read what others are saying...

Why does eJournaling promote wellness?

Greater awareness of self and others connects people and promotes positive behavior.

As each person self-reflects, in small "bite-sized" increments about neutral topics, it enables greater self-knowledge. FEJ gives each person a chance to be "heard" as well as learn about others in a way that fast-paced verbal conversation does not allow. Deeper awareness of self and others is the cornerstone of mental and emotional wellness. Since most of our behaviors are driven by our thoughts and feelings having awareness and support helps us make better life decisions.

FamilyeJournal is like family dinner, online.
What is FamilyeJournal all about and can it improve my family's mental and emotional health and wellness?more about fej? How can my family join FamilyeJournal, improve communication and become a closer family?how do I join? Learn more about the 30 Day Relationship Boosting Challenge30 Day Challenge
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  • Mary LouGrandma
    I think FamilyeJournal.com is a wonderful educational program. It makes all of us answer questions that we usually do not ask each other...
  • Leehusband, brother
    Thank you FamilyeJournal! I've been using your site with my parents, spouse and out-of-town...
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  • HyacinthMother/
    FamilyeJournal helps me to center my being and to focus my thoughts on caring for myself.
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